Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Current hair care must haves!

Hey lovelies! Today I wanted to give you a little update on the hair care products that I've been using lately that I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! It should be noted that I don't use all of these everyday, but I'll explain when and why I use them under every post! :) 

With the amount of HEAT people use on their hair these day, you MUST MUST MUST have a product for Climate Control!! This is the Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel by OUIDAD. I actually got this product as a gift from Sephora (you know when you have a certain amount of points or It's great because it works as a protectant but also as an anti-frizz! It's awesome to put it in when your hair is wet because it makes such a difference as you dry! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cheer Nationals 2013

Hi my loves!

This weekend I went down to Niagara Falls to watch my old high school cheerleading team compete at Nationals. Uniforms, bows and glitter, what could be better?!

Cheer Evolution hosted the 2013 Cheer and Dance Nationals in Niagara Falls. There were hundreds of cheerleaders of all different ages (The little cheerleaders are my favourite, SO CUTE!). They chose a great spot to have the competition, the Scotiabank Convention Centre is big, open, and also close to everything you could need, including the falls! For those of you who have never been to Niagara Falls, I would definitely recommend the trip. The falls are gorgeous and there is so much to do and see there.

Aside from the amazing scenery and routines, I love going to competitions because they always have booths for you to make your own cheer gear! They have tons of stuff to choose from and you get to pick everything. My favourite saying I saw this year was "Kiss My Bow", love it!

Last year, I got to make a sweater at Nationals and it is definitely one of my favourite sweaters to wear! This is how it turned out:

Since this was our first year going to nationals and not competing, we thought we would show our
support by making shirts, wearing cheer gear, team bows and of course using glitter as war paint :) Even though I miss competing, it was nice to relax and enjoy the competition this year!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My MMVA Commercial! :)

Can you catch my 2 second spot? I'm still proud of it! haha

Check out the whole commercial here!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Revamp Your Room: Shadow Boxes

   Hello! Welcome back to the Revamp Your Room series! In our previous post, we showed you how to make some cool graphic art to brighten up your walls. In this next project, we’re dealing with shadow boxes!

   Shadow boxes are frames, however they have quite a bit of depth to them so objects can be placed inside of them as opposed to just pictures.  Seeing as my room is beach themed, and I’ve collected quite a large collection of lei’s (the flower necklaces commonly associated with Hawaiian culture), I decided to cut them up and fill some shadow boxes with the flower petals to create cool 3D art for my walls!

This project was super simple! Here’s what you need:
·      Shadow Box (I used 2)
·      Different coloured Lei’s/ Objects of your choice

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Restaurant Review: MoRoCo

Hello! I recently hung out for the day in downtown Toronto with my friends, and my best friend took us to a boutique in Yorkville that she’s been ranting about for forever. She’s obsessed with macarons (a “cookie sandwhich” that usually has jam or buttercream in it), and this is one of her favourite places so we stopped by for a treat!

The boutique is called “MoRoCo”, located on 99 Yorkville Ave. I loved it from the minute we walked in! The décor was to die for, and the macarons were absolutely delish. We tried the raspberry, chocolate, lavender, caramel, & pistachio flavours, but their chocolate one was by far my favourite (cliché I know).

Saturday, May 04, 2013


Hey guys! So I have a Body Shop Haul for you guys, this was pretty impromptu, I kind of just went in to get a mother’s day gift for my mum and then I found out they were having tonnes of promos that day, and I haven’t got anything from there in a while so I figured I’d grab a couple things.

Promos going on:
25% off gift sets
20% off your whole order for members
FREE Mini Gift Set with a purchase of over $40.00
MAY is my birthday month so I got my $10.00 worth of free products as well!

Friday, May 03, 2013

Summertime Sunglasses!

Hey loves!

It's starting to feel like summer! The sun is out and the weather is gorgeous :)

Even though I love that it's beautiful outside, the sun can be kind of blinding and annoying, especially when you're driving. If you're like me and need glasses occasionally, prescription sunglasses are amazing. The ones I got fit so nicely and I'm really glad I bought them.

I just got these blue Tiffany Sunglasses, they look black but it's actually a deep blue:

Aside from a hard case and a pretty little box to take it home in, they also came with a Tiffany's glasses cloth bag, a cloth to clean your lens and the non-prescription display lens. I like having the display lens because other people can use my sunglasses too and when I don't need the prescription lens, I can switch them out! :)

Enjoy the nice weather my darlings!


Hey guys, I just went to the gym and here's what I wore! I think every time I go to the gym I'll take some pics and post them (when they're cute that is haha..)! Today I decided to go bold with lots of colour!

What I'm wearing:
Top: Lulu Lemon - Racerback built-in sports bra, flowy shirt
Bottoms: Lulu Lemon - Yoga pants (reversible), with mini pocket
Shoes: Nike - Free Runs